I am sinking, Slowly loosing my breath, running out of oxygen, of life. My soul fades color by color, with every shade I die. Life is being ripped out of my youth, ” Young and beautiful ” they say, ” Sad and tired ” I live, Joy, oh my joy, where did I lose you, My emotions are being drown in a misery bath, With every seeking for that light, that hope They absorb more of the black ink.

This land of curves , this silhouette is no longer mine, Like a colony, she have taken over it. Out of the blue she came, smoothly settled inside, and found shelter in my mind. Depression, holds my hand everyday like a father walking out his daughter on the aisle. She smiles , I cry. She laughs, I scream. But nothing comes out, Like the tears burning my soul Like I burn my lands. I am seeking , sinking every second. Waiting , waiting and Waiting.

Written by: Abir Haimoud