To understand it, firstly you must be aware of two items: How we earn money, and how we spend it. The cash is clean when it comes from the implementation of our skills, giving the best of ourselves. It provides a real satisfaction to the persons who earned it. But if it is gained otherwise, by abusing others … Then, it generates what we can call a negative energy.

          This money is pulling everybody down, polluting the spirits. It makes everyone woebegone. He might think he’s getting rich, making a lot of money, being well-heeled. But he’s only accumulating things that will prevent him from being happy. It appears on their faces, they can’t just deny it.
While those who earn it from giving the best of themselves and respecting others, they can become rich and Overjoyed.

          Let’s move to the way we spend it. If money is used to give others the opportunity to disclose their talents and skills by buying their service-abilities, then cash produces positive energy. Conversely, if we’re satisfied accumulating goods, then life is emptied of its meaning. Look around you: people who have spent their lives accumulating without giving anything are disconnected from others. They no longer have true human relationships, they are no longer able to take a person’s interest sincerely or to love. And believe me when you get there, you’re not happy.

          Money is not something we should collect, it should be used. If we all started from this principle, unemployment would not exist, because there are no limits to the services that human beings can render each other. It would be enough to psych up the creativity of the people and to encourage them to implement their projects.

Written by: Saad Saadani