In my first submission to the blog I would like these words to leave the best impressions amongst the readers, hoping that it might brighten someone’s day (or night) depending on when you’ll be reading this. Or if it will get any readers at all.

Anyways I wanted to share my humble thoughts on an unrecognizably concerning issue: the dominance of the French language in our modern day society. Although it’s one of the many remnants of the French colonization of the past century, the French​ language cemented its place as the official administrative language in Morocco, and the use of it publicly being a sign of one’s civilized culture. The whole educational system, especially in higher studies, rests on the use of french in all of its fundamental and secondary components.

This has been for sure the way to go throughout many generations and has paved the way for the country to reach its current state, but let’s imagine if English would have taken over instead of “the language of love”: the cultural exchange we’d share with Anglophone countries, the easier grammar.. Endless possibilities of better social development as well as better sounding formal speeches.

Studies have also shown that English tops the list of the surviving languages in the world in the upcoming ages; a list where French failed to find its place. So would replacing French​ with English in our society make a positive impact or any impact at all ?

I Hope you share your thoughts in the comments. With that all said, I hope this has been a light but rich article and thanks for your time, hoping to meet again in another topic.

Written by: Khalid Chachy