Weed is a multifunctional plant that grows wildly and is usually of a vigorous growth. Scientific name of the plant is “cannabis”.

Weed is also known as the marijuana and the curative herb. Yes, the curative herb given that, according to Dr.Abrams, a cannabis advocate and one of the leading oncologists and cancer researchers in the world, weed is truly an amazing medicine for some kind of cancer (especially skin cancer) and treatment related side effects like insomnia, anxiety, depression, pain, vomiting and loss of appetite. Plus, it’s used in almost a 1000 medical crucial treatment for major diseases and it makes a really efficient painkiller.

Economically speaking, -whether we want it or not- weed is always going to be there, used in different ways.To be clearer, there’s about 170 000 Moroccan miles squared superficies in which 100 mi² are weed cultures (mostly situated in the north of the country), which gives an approximately estimated annual production of 1500 tons of weed. In terms of income, legalizing weed and applying taxation to the activity is the synonym of a potential expanse of the national wealth by 6 times. As well as creating thousands of job opportunities.

Just because it’s misused doesn’t mean it’s not good. The only debatable misuse of weed, though, is when smoked and used as a drug. A drug that no statistic has it that it has ever killed anyone. But beyond everything unhealthy, smoking weed makes you in touch with the universe.

Speaking from a personal experience, it occurred to me, as everyone of you, to have moments of lightlessness and emptiness. Moments of vulnerability when I felt that there’s no point of my existence. I even started to have doubts about the existence of God and eventually about my own existence. So when I got high on weed, it helped me position above all the tiny matters that blind our eyes, tie our thoughts and make us speak words of nonsense. Weed got me higher than everything as it made me in touch with all the powers in the universe and took me some point that my body could never reach to insure me of the existence of an extreme power that is God.

To be concrete, grapes can make wine the same way they can make a healthy smoothie. Does that mean grapes should be illegal just because they have another use ? After all, weed is just a herb growing in nature, which is created by God for a reason, because God doesn’t play dice with universe.

Written by: Aymen Cherqi & Omar Jahfa