Imagine you’re a tulip in a god forsaken land, no water to quench your thirst. Only the scorching heat of the sun. Not a single soul around, nothing but a breeze that sways you over and over again. You’re weak and fragile, as you should be; you’re a flower after all.

Minutes pass by, and with it your petals fall one by one, until all that is left of you is your corolla. As you lay there, you reminisce about the time you were just a seed, full of hopes and dreams. you were meant to achieve great many things, or at least that’s what you were led to believe by your mama’s bedtime stories. Remember those? Your favorite one was the TULIP MANIA, how in the 17th century tulips were “a la mode”, oh how envious dahlias, roses and lilies were. You would ask for another one and another and another …

You dreamed about the day you would be put to good use. How you would be joined by the likes of you, to form one exquisite bouquet, full of life and colors, a true eye candy. How your aroma would turn into a fragrance, sprayed on a chic lady before taking a stroll down the Champs-Elysées. So long for being the next Chanel N°5.

But those are just dreams, and dreams are meant to be shattered, and you -out of everyone- should know this the most. You are alone in a sea of nothingness, trapped in an endless loop of past regrets and false hope. The future is unknown. But one thing is certain, death is looming.

It’s only a matter of time now, you count the seconds, and every breath you take could be your last one. At this point you’re just waiting for a coup de grâce to deliver you from your agony. You feel sudden enveloping warmth, is it time? Is this the end of the road for you? The end of a life half lived?

You welcome death as a friend you longed for, a salvation in the true sense of the word. But it isn’t death, it’s just a dog passing by, felt the need to pee on you, so indifferent to your existence. How ironic !

Written by : SK