Yes, indeed, he never thought before that, at this point of his life, he would’ve tried so many things. He would’ve made peace with himself, and with people he cared about. He would’ve seen the best and the worst in this world at this early age. I’m not saying that he saw everything, but what I’m saying here is that he lived each moment of his life with no regrets. Yes, no regrets!

This is a short story of a young boy driven by passion and love. He was an alone child who grew up with a nice little family, raised by another great women who he held dear for the rest of his days. He spent his life trying to give them the life they deserved.
It was never about him, he didn’t care much about his desires because all he ever wanted is to put a smile on other people’s faces. He loved to help others, listen to people, learn from them. He appreciated the little things that most of us right now don’t give a damn about. His biggest fear wasn’t dying, failing in life, burning alive or suffocating like most of us fear, but instead, it was losing people he loved.

Talking about love, when he was young, he met a great girl who turned his life upside down. He fell in love with her so fast that he didn’t even recognize that he was truly deeply madly in love for the first time in his life. He didn’t believe in love before and yet, it took him one deep look into his beloved girl’s beautiful eyes to change every single belief he had. He was in love for 3 years ! 3 years in which he came to learn much more about life during that period than he ever did before. Damn, he was so happy!

Things got complicated as years passed by. He found himself alone with nobody by his side except some loyal friends he loved, admired and appreciated so much. He lost himself, didn’t know who he was anymore but even that couldn’t hold him back from becoming the best version of himself. He fought through that period and moved on. He lost some people in the process, some people who meant so much to him at a certain time of his life. All he ever wanted back then is to learn new languages, to communicate with other people. He loved to meet new people, he liked kids so much he believed they were the greatest source of happiness in this world and he learned to play new instruments because music was so important to him.

He had so many dreams that I can’t even count but I’m going to tell you some: When he was a child, it was all about being a pilot in the future. Years after years, it became about being a professional football player. That escalated quikly to being a photographer, then a singer, then… Damn, this dude didn’t know what he wanted from life.

During college he wanted to pursue music full time, he didn’t love what he was studying. -Come on, who the hell loves business marketing and stuff-. He never imagined himself working as a business man or as an accountant, and yet, he managed to pass every year. What he loved most about exams was the second session or, the catching up session. He always thought that only the smartest and talented students get the chance to live that fabulous feeling and sensation of the second session. What to expect from a dude who loved taking risks? Obviously, that catching up session was his long distance girlfriend and they’d meet only twice a year..

Now, he’s still writing his life’s story each and every day just like everyone of us, experiencing new things, living the moment, bringing out the best of everything is his life. He is still dating that gorgeous session twice a year and still looking for what he wants to be doing afterwards.

As for me, what I came to learn is exactly what we should be doing: living and enjoying life like if we had it all because all that matters at the end is reaching that point in our lives when we proudly say: It’s been a hell of a ride!

Written by : Hamza FADIL