They are our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives, aunts, friends, lovers. They are what’s sweet in this world, they are the colors to our eyes, the salt to our lives, the joy to our days. They are what we need the most, what we want the most, what we love the most. They are women, and 8th march is not their day, because they deserve way more than a day, they deserve a lifetime.

Did you know that women’s day isn’t just a day when you get us gifts and wish us a happy life. We don’t need no flowers, no chocolate, no perfumes. We need what we’re fighting for, what this day actually stands for.

As most of you don’t know, women’s day is actually women’s rights day, it commemorates how women, actually fought to get us where we are, how thanks to them, we can know work, study, drive or vote.

And if you guys, are confused about what we want for 8th march, allow me to give you a glimpse:
What we actually want, is equal pay, gender equality, girls’ access to education. And what we really want, is to stop sexual harassment, to stop calling us weak, to stop taking advantage of us. What we deeply want is to close the gender gap, to be treated as humans. And most importantly, what we all NEED, is to be humane, and join hands to fight for the right causes.

Dear men, we love you, we need you, even more than that we can’t live without you. But if we could just live without the labels, and give everyone what they deserve because they really worked hard for it, not because it was handed to them on a silver plate based of what’s between their legs, I am sure the world would be a better place.

Finally, I think this quote says it all “We cannot SUCCEED when half of us are held back”.

Written by : Rehab KHARBACH