When all your days repeat that the only difference between your day and night is the sunlight. You know you are in detention, prisoner in your society’s tradition.

Every morning, you visit the jail of your habits but they bail you out with a call. Life calls you seeking to see you, spend time with you, make memories on your own .. but you’re too busy doing nothing, because the career you wasted a lifetime building has just left you behind. A call was all you needed to get a life but your rejection has got it broken.

Remember when you ended the scholar year with the highest grade ? -Everyone was happy for you. They had even made a party to celebrate your achievement, but of course, you didn’t go. Your friends traveled away while you were preparing for exams that only you knew about. You wanted it all, but you’ve just left it .. All ! With no regrets. No! You didn’t have time for that neither. You thought you were too young for that, but death never asks if you’re happy.

If you have a chance, seize it. If you have a big dream, don’t fear it. If you are in good company, enjoy it. Because all these, comparing to death, are just tiny matters, but still, all you had to come back to life is a call but you got it rejected.

Now I’m sending away, with tears on each eye and a funeral to say goodbye.

Written by : Aymen CHERQI