What kind of Job should I apply for ?

This question is really hard to answer, but let’s try to make it look accessible. First of all, a determined work mustn’t be your big goal, don’t make your whole shitty life depend on it. There’s stuff mattering much, think about it.

I believe that the one and only answer to this question is ‘do what you love the most whatever your situation is‘

Because the job you choose is what you will find yourself doing everyday, every week, every month, every year and probably your entire life. So why doing something you don’t like ? Something that you won’t find any joy doing, something that is nothing more than a heavy task you only do because you have to. It’s all about love, love can do miraculous things. And love always pays off.

Yes, indeed, I know there will be excuses : reasonable and unreasonable ones. Like : ‘ It’s a well paid job – even a hitman is well paid -’ ‘ This job brings me respect -what a man of honor-’ ‘ What i love can never be a job’ ‘ My folks want me to be a nurse -OMG so cute-’ ‘ What others will think about me -why would you even care?- ONLY LOSERS MAKE EXCUSES . Get your ass to a place where only YOU is the matter. Just think about it, think twice, will money bring you a long lasting happiness ? Will others share your sadness with you ? Absolutely NOT.

Do I have to do like the others or follow my own path ? I say, follow your own path. Try to be yourself and be different, because sooner or later DIFFERENT scares people.
The secret to turn your passion into a job that brings you money is to take it to the extremity. Work hard for it and keep moving forward no matter what. Make it an extraordinary and incredible thing and prepare yourself to hear ‘ let’s play big bank take little bank’ . That’s the world we live in , there’s no place for weak people. You’re either the best or nothing .. Show the world how special you are, and surely, be patient, because good things take time.

Written by : Saad SAADANI